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Thorough Home Inspections 

Our detailed and accurate home inspections are always accompanied by a detailed inspection report of your property. This report will include all of the structural and mechanical aspects of your property from your roof to your foundation. Each system in the home is described on a separate page, with a detailed list of every item inspected, along with important information you can refer to later like the model numbers and serial numbers of your major appliances. We will also provide you with a narrative description of what needs to be addressed and why. This will include a Summary of Repairs in the front of your report listing all items needing repair.


When you choose Home Pro Inspection you are getting the best inspection service in

your area. Our report to you will include a page by page, detailed breakdown of every

aspect of your home along with digital pictures where needed. Your report will include:


  • The foundation, crawl space, and grading as they pertain to the house

  • Roof, chimney, gutter systems, and flashings

  • Exterior components such as siding, trim, windows, doors

  • Structural components and integrity therein from the ground to the roof

  • Heating and cooling systems

  • Electrical systems and major appliances

  • Plumbing and drainage systems

  • Insulation and ventilation

Detailed Home Inspection Reports 

  • Monitor equipment is calibrated annually per North Carolina requirements

  • Test period is 48 hours minimum

  • Results from test are avail within 5 hours of test completion

  • Emailed results to client and/or broker

Radon Testing

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